One of the most important concerns of any construction project is to supply the required materials at the best time, with the best quality and the most suitable price. Each project in its construction program has a specific schedule for different construction sections, and the timely completion of each stage at the right time will prevent costs resulting from delays.

The existence of a capable team in construction projects is essential to supply the goods needed in each project. But the formation of these teams imposes a lot of costs on the project. In many cases, construction projects are forced to eliminate or greatly reduce their supply team to reduce costs. The absence of these teams or the presence of small and ineffective teams can cause many problems in the field of providing materials for construction projects. Among these problems, the following can be mentioned:

1- The impossibility of preparing a list of suppliers

One of the important issues in providing each of the materials needed in construction projects is to have a list of suppliers of each product with great variety. This list allows construction projects to choose the best supplier from among these suppliers in terms of quality, delivery time and payment conditions.

The lack of a suitable list of suppliers increases the dependence on limited suppliers in construction projects and makes these suppliers able to impose their conditions on construction projects.

2- Reduction of labor performance

Due to the lack of a separate material supply team in construction projects, engineers and labor engaged in other parts of the project, which are usually the key and important parts of the project, are forced to be directly involved in the supply part. The direct involvement of key forces from other departments in the supply department has reduced the performance of those units, and this issue has caused a lack of accurate control of the work process, delays in the completion of construction stages, and many other problems that impose a lot of cost on construction projects.

3-The impossibility of precise control of the process of preparing and transporting goods

Due to the fact that there is no expert team in the field of commercial matters and purchase of goods in construction projects, therefore, creating continuous communication to control the process of purchasing and delivering goods is justified and causes construction projects in the field of purchasing process to delivery of goods with Problems such as quality inconsistency, problems related to transportation such as increased waste during transportation, and delays in delivery may be encountered.

According to the mentioned cases, one of the proposed ways is to outsource the purchase operation and carry it out by companies that provide these services to construction projects as contractors.

AL-FAKHER Company is one of these types of companies in the field of supplying steel sheets and related products for construction projects. This company, in cooperation with a large number of suppliers around the world, provides Galvanizing sheets, colored coated sheets and Tin-plate sheets in all sizes and suitable qualities for construction projects and delivers them in the best time with the best quality. All the attention of this company is to reduce the problems caused by the purchase process in construction projects and the peace of mind of the managers and owners of these projects.