Great experience from order to delivery


Professional services by AL-FAKHER

An international firm specialists in the field of supply industrial row materials and machinery with great reputation and facility for presenting high quality trading services.

Al-fakher has great team that prepare to provide the best services in the fields of  finding best quality of raw materials and machinery, it has also do successful negotiation with big and famous suppliers and  deliver the order in best time with minimum cost.

Technical Advice

Technical advice

AL-Fakher technical team are prepare to support project and help managers to find best raw materials, products and machinery.

Choosing right material and machinery to solve project problem with minimum cost and maximum performance is one of the main concerns of project managers. with Al-Fakher professional and experienced technical team, in addition of commercial services, customers receive technical support to have best choice in their orders.

Market= Research

Market research

AL-Fakher group has a vast vendor list and it has partners that many of them are famous suppliers a but in every order the research team investigate the market to find best supplier with best quality, price and condition.

It is very important for team to find best opportunity in market for customers order to make great deal with maximum benefit and minimum stress.

This service make Al-Fakher a trustworthy company which gives  importance to the customer’s concern and needs.

Negotiate for best Condition


Al-Fakher team will negotiate with suppliers on behalf of costumers to make a successful deal.

International commercial relationships needs powerful skills of negotiation such as understanding culture of suppliers, being familiar with commercial laws in country of origin and destination and many other skills which the teams of Al-Fakher with many years of experience in this field are one of the most reliable teams all over the middle east.

Custom Clearance

Commercial formalities

One of the difficulties in Import/Export activity is the formalities that every one must do before transportation .

Obtaining permission, getting standard certificates, controling quality of order and also custom deceleration are a many services of Al-fakher.

Preparation of documents for formalities and doing the fulfill the levels to obtain the final permission for Export/Import procedure is one of specialties and services of Al-fakher.

Transportation Services


Al-Fakher transportation service is to find the best shipping company to deliver orders in fastest and with best price .

Al-Fakher mange transportation program from suppliers to customer’s destination .

Tracking online situation of cargo and manage the transportation to deliver the order safe and on time is very important service which Al-Fakher present to its costumers .