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Galvanized Coil

Galvanizing Coils

Our galvanizing coil has the best quality of galvanized sheet in form of cutted sheet and coiles with standard coating thickness.

Al-fakher offers galvanizing coils from famous suppliers and also has many facilities for cutting and forming coiles according to customers order in shortest time.

We also present coils with no limit in thickness and dimension.

Colored coated steel Coil

Colored coated steel sheets

colored coated steel sheets have many usages in construction industries .

Al-Fakher supplies various thicknesses and many colored of this kind of sheets base on costumers inquiry.

Best quality of colored coating thickness and stability of color is very important in this product.

Al-Fakher could supply best quality of colored steel sheets in best quality, Price and condition in minimum time.

Tin-Plate for can industries

Tin-plate sheet

Tin -plate sheets are usually used in can industries and this product is very suitable for preservation of foods for long time.

Al-fakher is one of the famous suppliers of this material.

Al-fakher can supplies variety of dimension and thickness for any kind of can size and shape, with best quality and condition.

Formed Colored sheets

Formed sheets

Formed colored steel sheets have many Applications in construction industries, roofing sheets, shades, shop shutters and many more usage in buildings.

Al-Fakher Produces variety of formed sheet with divers colored and textures in best quality of sheets and deliver to customers with best price and condition in minimum time.

Also Al-Fakher will help you to choose best design and material for your project.

Drywall metal structure

Drywall metal section

One of the Al-fakher important product line is metal section of Drywall systems.

All kind of profiles for ceiling, walls and L.S.F systems are produce in Al-Fakher Company. profiles such as L25-U36-F47-Runner-Stud and their link section such as Bracket, HT90, Bridges etc. with best quality, Standard thickness and correct dimensions are produce with complete automatic forming machines and packed with best quality of packing standard.

Also A-Fakher has this option to produce this product in customized shape with customer’s order.

Steel Sheet forming machinery

Metal sheet forming machinery

supply all kinds of forming machines with variety of capacity and facilities from best producers in this field by AL-Fakher.

Portable forming machines help project to prepare their needs at project sight.

Installation, Training and after sales services is guaranteed by Al-Fakher professional engineers.