Construction & industrial material Supplier


Al- Al-Fakher has a good credit and reputation among the major manufacturers of steel products in the world, so it can work in the field of customer orders with special and appropriate conditions and provide them in the fastest time and with the best conditions.


ALFAKHER is An international trading company located in United Arab Emirates and established for facilitating the construction and industrial material and machinery supply to all over the world specially middle east.

Al-Fakhr’s main ability is to supply all types of steel, including oiled sheets, cold rolled sheets, hot rolled sheets, galvanizing sheets, colored coated sheets, Tin-plate sheet, and so on.

Al-Fakher is also able to supply the final products of these materials such as metal profiles (angle, arch, box,etc.), metal sheet for roofing, steel deck using the best quality galvanizing sheet, colored coated sheet and tin-plated sheet.


Al-Fakhr’s special activity is to help large construction projects to import the products they need from abroad at the best prices and conditions, so that these projects do not need to spend any extra money, time and energy to do things like finding resources, negotiations, shipping and customs formalities

Al-Fakher, like your colleague, cooperates with you in providing project materials.

Al-Fakher Special Activity

Logistic & Customs Clearance

Logistic and customs clearance

Al-fakher has special facilities and professional staff for coordinating logistic program of orders and also doing the best and complete customs clearance in original destination customs until the orders be delivered to customer’s destination.



Al-fakher negotiate with appropriates suppliers about the costumer order with professional team to achieve best price and condition for the orders.

Market reseach

Market research

Research market to find the best choice for costumer order with the best quality of product and services.

Our Commitment


Al-Fakher tries to supply materials and machinery for construction & industrial projects in an easy and reasonable way, and reduce concern in this part of projects which cause more focus on other important matters.

When managers have supply issues they their worries by outsourcing them to other professional companies such as Al-fakher. They will focus their time, human resource and budget for more important part of projects such as technical and executive parts.

Although we tend to price projects on a case by case basis, this is a guide to the services and project packages we offer to our clients.

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