Despite the history of trading steel products, especially coated sheets such as galvanizing sheets, Tin-plate and colored coated at international levels, the company can help consumers and other related businesses in supplying this type of goods and the trade route of this type of products for companies. Make it easy.

Another ability of this group is to conduct trade negotiations, sign contracts and perform import and export formalities of machinery, equipment and industrial parts related to the steel industry, construction industry and oil and gas and petrochemical.

Roofing Material

Al-Fakhr Company has a very long history in the field of import and supply of construction raw materials, various types of steel sections and industrial machinery related to the steel industry operating in the UAE. (In large construction projects in other countries as well as very strong connections in international companies), reputable manufacturers can be selected as reliable suppliers in construction projects..



Is a supplier of various construction materials in the U.A.E. that also imports and exports various materials to all countries in the region.
Cooperation with Fakher is the best option for supplying construction project materials in the Middle East.

Steel Coil





Cooperation with Al-Fakhr Company will create a profitable and safe business for you.

We specialize in supplying building materials for your project.